Fiber Network Planning Solutions

At TECHNO GRID, we take great pride in providing fiber planning and design services that accelerate network expansion strategies for Fiber Operators and Telecom companies. With our extensive experience and savvy use of technology, we revolutionize analysis and design in areas of interest. We provide dedicated construction support to all our clients to ensure the speedy implementation of the new fiber network. As a result, we guarantee substantial time and cost savings, ensuring heightened efficiency and success for our valued clients.

Our Customer Promise

We promise our clients advanced planning services that utilize intelligent technology and a team of highly skilled industry experts who are well-versed in every aspect of fiber and network planning. Our planners are not only highly skilled planners, but they also possess on the ground implementation knowledge and experience. With our innovative methods, tasks can be completed 10 times faster than traditional manual planning techniques, greatly enhancing efficiency. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing, providing you with a sophisticated solution at a reasonable cost.

Our Process:

At TECHNO GRID, we utilize IQGeo, the premier fiber planning software, in tandem with our team’s expertise. This powerful combination ensures unparalleled precision in fiber planning strategies, empowering our clients to navigate deployment with confidence and efficiency.

Step 1:

Our process begins with inputting customer-specific requirements, including planning specifications, material specifications, and labor and material prices. We make sure we understand our client’s needs thoroughly.

Step 2:

Following the initial input, we engage in pre-planning activities. This involves identifying the area of interest in consultation with the customer and gathering premised spatial data, as well as address spatial data. We meticulously clean the data, filtering out unwanted points such as empty stands and public spaces.

Step 3:

Our next step involves running pre-processing tools. This includes creating trenches, street centerlines, or parcel polygons, generating demands from home points or buildings, and establishing drops, single or paired, as well as crossings.

Step 4:

We conduct thorough checks of all outputs from the program during pre-planning. This entails marking roads that cannot be used and processing areas to ensure a viable network before calculations.

Step 5:

Finally, we calculate the network until an optimum design is reached, providing comprehensive output for our clients’ review and approval. Our process streamlines permit and plan approvals, saving time and enhancing safety, allowing projects to commence without hurdles.