At TECHNO GRID, we’re revolutionizing the way the fiber industry plans for tomorrow. Our team of talented planners, backed by smart technology and software, is dedicated to helping fiber companies speed up their deployment strategies. Our goal is to lead our clients through the digital transformation of fiber planning, transforming how people connect with the world.

With our expertise in the industry, our vision is to spark a revolution in the future of the fiber sector, empowering businesses with improved efficiency, cost and time savings, and unmatched accuracy.


At TECHNO GRID, our main goal is to support fiber operators by offering them highly experienced planners and innovative planning methods that will supercharge their builds. We want to assist operators to work faster and more efficiently, so they can complete planning tasks up to ten times quicker than traditional methods, all at a competitive price.

Ultimately, our aim is to become the number one fiber planning organization in the United States and around the world.


We remain fearless and bold, we do not hesitate to question the existing standards in order to boost effectiveness and provide superior value to our clients.

As a planning company, we are always meticulous, our attention to detail demonstrates our reliability to our clients, colleagues, and partners.

We are innovative and unconventional. As a company specializing in planning, we constantly venture into new waters and aim to be visionaries not only for our clientele but also for the future of fiber.